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Feels so Good

NOT. It feels like someone just doesn’t want to know me any more. I try to do something nice for them – yes it’s partially due to my feelings for them, but ever since I made the offer I was cut off and didn’t hear a word. Okay, I get it, you don’t like me. … Continue reading

Ork Deffkoptas

Selection of my favourite models in my Ork army so far!              

MM’s Warhammer Project Round Up

I’ve got so many bloody projects either in the middle of being finished, nearly finished but needs an X, started but could use a tweak, or purely in the conception stage, it’s hard to get a grip on where to go next! Just tonight I was sorely tempted to get some Brown Dettol and restrip … Continue reading

Finished Conversion and First Battle

Finished this Ork Trukk conversion tonight. I’m not 100% on the rotor blades (namely the “2 bladed” rotor blade.), so I may change that for another “3 pronged” rotor blade, we’ll see. In the mean time, today I played a 1000 point game against Space Marines, in which I won. It was a Pitched Battle … Continue reading

Send in ‘Da Boyz’

Time to post some of my current work – Ork boyz are basically unpainted barring 10 boyz; though I still need to paint the leathers on said Shoota Boyz. But the main star of today’s blog, as you may have guessed via one of my pictures above… Is my converted Land Speeder Storm,with extended length … Continue reading

Da Waaagh of da Mad Mek Beginz!

[Please forgive me for wanting to type this entire blogpost out, barring this header and notes, as an Ork. I’m rather excited to get back to my Warhammer 40k roots. This post is about what my force will include, what conversions I’m going to do, and how it will (hopefully play out).] Righ’ den, Da … Continue reading

Finale Fest~ Last Post > No Post

Late post is better then no post!

A new model, painted and ready…

With the shrill cry of a banshee, even the mightiest of the Emperor’s Space Marines will fall before the deadly prowess of the Exarch of The Howling Blade.