OK OK! I need to post moar and lurk less…

Ok, lets give a run down of what ive been doing since the 7th

  • ENMs once or twice
  • EXP!
  • KSNMs
  • COP

Ok, ENMs i took mia’s place for 3 runs when she was too tired after dynamis, so yeah, a hefty 9k exp on my RNG, as well as the item i need for the shiny lvl 30 bow( Hamayumi ), and i am now RNG40/NIN18, so yeah, i need to lvl my subs badly, however we got the Guarding skill earring, as well as, the ENFEEBLING SKILL EARRING!!! a great job, 200k in the bank each, thankyou very much mr promathia

EXP, i have taken MNK to about 3 or 4, just for the hell of it, RDM is now lvl 14, about 300tnl, BLM is about 10-15k tnl =D

KSNMs, got some great drops, Ingots and clothes, as well as a number of Fuma’s, i pulled a nice big chunk out of these, ’cause i took an orb for ODS and Copycat, so yeah, good fun, lets do it again guys

Now… my BIIIIG news, i have joined Gen’s and Sucu’s CoP Static :D:D:D:D we whooped diabolos, and managed to get Ouryu down too, Sacrarium here we come =D

Pictures of various fun things to follow soon

2 Responses to “OK OK! I need to post moar and lurk less…”
  1. Minda says:

    Hiya! Just thought I would stop by and say hey. I added you to my blogroll, so :p

    Take care, see you again!

  2. MM says:

    Yay, someone reads this 😀
    see you around 🙂

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