Sacrarium, Here we come ^^

What? Matt didnt show up? What a suprise >.> late last time, no show this time

In a plus note, i did manage to get NIN to 25 (twice lol, damn de lvl)

And since Sno had to go do some Exam revision, i was asked to step in as my RNG for ENMs, which yeah was all good, so i left Suc. Gen, Kag and Wyrm to farm some codex’s in the Aquaducts, while me, Ama, Rok, Wimpy, Hiki and Min go to thrash the 3 ENMs

Unusual setup this week, me as RNG, ama as PLD, Rok and Wimpy as BLMs, hiki as MNK and min as WHM

Having 2 BLMs was odd, even more so as i was not one of them, but i am not complaining, i need the exp on RNG, and lets be fair, i want to take it to vahzl badly

So End results of ENMs: Dark Magic Earring item drops, but i loose the lot to min 😦

9k exp on RNG, which no one can complain about, which means i have 9 more lvls to go before sunday

So, lets review my todo list:

MM’s Todo List


1) Lvl RNG to 50 before sunday

2) lvl BLM

3) lvl RDM Sub

4) lvl SCH Sub

…. Too much to do -.-


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