Event “Fun” and RNGing

GOGO Ranger! got 2 parties, so for absolutely ages ive been spamming /ra and barrages, ive got all my skills recapped again and again, and the hits just keep on coming ^^ with my new RNG food, Squid sushi I end up fighting in full Wonder Gear, my taru RSE, gives me lots of STR and HP up

Top things about RNG today

1) a 320 damage Barrage

2) a 395 EES

3) I tanked a Crawler, for the WHOLE fight (dont ask)

Afterwards, i set out into Saruta for the Feast Of Sword Event

sorry, i mean, Death OF MM event

Seriously, it is an event designed to kill me!

hopefully better luck tomorrow, and mabye ama will stop laughing soon =P

One Response to “Event “Fun” and RNGing”
  1. Minda says:

    I can’t wait to log in tonight once I finish my final school project and check out Feast of MM’s Death event. Since I have not been playing a full year yet I have never done it before, so I am excited. 😀

    Gogo with your RNG!! I have started BLM, I want to get it up quite a bit and hopefully use it some for a sub to my RDM, so that will allow me to do RDM/WHM or RMD/BLM while I get a chance to level up WAR, MNK, DNC, and SCH. 🙂

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