Sacrarium FINALLY DONE!!!!

well after last weeks no-show disaster, sacrarium is finally on,  me ama wimpy hiki sno and rok all did ENMs saturday night so me, min, sno and hiki could do do Sacrarium 😀

yeah… right

unfortunatly kag had a doctors appointment, so we start vert late, considering we had a 5pm start.

and i personally didnt finish till…. 1:45 THE NEXT MORNING

sure, we whooped the professor, and we opened the door a couple of times for CSs, but as we walked through the door for the last time, i run past a fomor….

fomor hits MM for XXX damage

fomor2 hits MM for XXX damage

fomors elemental hits MM for XXX damage

damn -.- death

so i was stuck dead for most of the night, as our WHM bit the dust with no RR

i even had to keep d/cing so i could cheat the timer

oh well… promyvion-vahzl should be better, right?

One Response to “Sacrarium FINALLY DONE!!!!”
  1. Minda says:

    OMG, just wait until I post my blog about my Sacrarium run! You will be proud to know that I died more times than you, so you must be rubbing off on me. 🙂 Check my site later, when I take a break at work I will post up.

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