God Damn Tesco….

Ok, for those of you who do not already know, i am an employee of tesco, and since starting here, i have a few points to make about customers, yes, YOU the customer, though they may not apply to you (Note: if you do not like reading rants, please skip ^^)

  1. Ok, if i forget to give you school vouchers, or forget to swip your damn clubcard, i am bloody sorry, but i forgot, and hell, you forgot to give it to me anyway!!! Ok, it was partially my fault, but i did apologise, and give an alternate way to obtain your precious bloody points, not that i really care, as you really start to annoy me -.-
  2. Number 2, At the end of my shift, i generally ask a nice customer to close my little gate, so as no one else joins the queue, now however, if im on baskets i dont have a nice little gate. So when about 10 people jump into my queue, i will almost happily carry on serving you for a little while. However, when its 10 minutes AFTER my shift has ended, I NEED TO GO HOME! YES HOME! I have better things to do in my life then serve you! I dont need shouts of “I am a customer, you should treat me with respect, i have places to go and a life to run BLAH BLAH BLAH”, yes you have a life, but guess what? SO DO I
  3. Finally, when you come through with a non-english note i.e. scottish, i am very sorry, but i do not know whether or not i can take it, so i will apologise, call a manager, and ask them. I AM NOT ASKING YOU TO HAVE A COMPLETE GO, BECAUSE I WONT ACCEPT YOUR MONEY, i will accept it, i am just waiting to get confirmation on that, i dont need you to bang a couple of english £20s on the counter, read my name badge and storm of yelling about going to complain. The fact is, i was in the right, the other cashier agrees with me, and yes, the whole store will back me up, and next time i just won’t bloody serve you

/rant off ^^

Ok, now i can get back to FF

2 Responses to “God Damn Tesco….”
  1. Minda says:


    No worries, I understand. I used to work in a grocery store, and ended up being a front end manager for two years. It was a mess and fostered within me a deep hate of the public in general.

    Makes you wish you really had that massive AoE BLM spell to shrivel them all up into bits….

  2. MM says:

    heh, /ma “Ultima-ga XIVVII”

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