I am a very happy MM 😀

see that :D? it means i am happy really

yes… happy… i am capable of that emotion

dont give me that face >.>

but anyway, yes, happy MM, i have FINALLY after waiting months (since last sept) got internet back at my own home

and better still, ive finally managed to connect my laptop to it :D:D:D

so yes, FFXI on tap, when ever

I still hate Orange as a ISP, and their livebox sucks

so yeah


One Response to “HALL-EH-FU**ING-LU-YAH”
  1. Minda says:

    Congrats!!! It feels so much better to have your very own internet back again, doesn’t it? I go nuts when mine crashes (tho it is few and far between) and I can’t imagine anymore not having that instant access to all that is out there in the world.

    Plus having FFXI available any time day or night is awesome.

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