Recent News….

Lets see… what have i dont recently…
Oh yes, Promyvion-Vahzl down, so we are on to Tenzens Path next, thats pretty epic.
Though i kept d/cing loads after in the actual Promyvion-Vahzl zone, which was odd, but stopped as soon as i zoned into Spire of Vahzl.

Then me, Gen, Fitz and a 4th whose name i forget (sorry) tried to beat Fitz’s Spiral Hell WSNM, that failed

Finally to end sunday night, i decided to go on a spending spree, either on BLM, or on PUP attachments. In the end i bought Igqira gear (2 pieces), so next lvl ill be all tatoo’d up.

And today, (monday) i managed to get into a Greater Colibri party, mostly cure spamming, but the exp was good at first, not so great now, and for some reason i am d/cing every so often again :S WHY ME????


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