MM is adding a whole new style of fail to his arsenal

Yes, after much deliberation, i have decided to be even more fail then usual A Puppet master 😀

Today, during a boring bit of duoing with another BLM, my urge to spend gil increased.

So i bought myself a demon helm for BLM, and went back to duoing, tough a short time later, the same thing happened again, so i found myself on a boat to Nashmau to purchase 7 Automaton Attachments. Lets see how you like me now, E.Sarutabaruta 😀

So me and MK.IV (My ‘Maton) paved a path of dead bees, mandys and rabbits, up till a minor problem with a crawler… twice… (both conned as Ts). I would like to add i can solo T yagudo MNKs, so its not because they are T, its just ’cause they are crawlers.
Onwards and upwards, i get a new frame at 10, and my magic skill is still gimped for my poor ‘Maton (NO LOLMM’S MAGIC JOKES!!! =P )

Updates coming soon

2 Responses to “MM is adding a whole new style of fail to his arsenal”
  1. Minda says:

    Congrats on the new fail, err, endeavour.

  2. MM says:

    PUP is awesome, @75 it can use Thunder IV (the ‘maton that is) so i wont be complaining, it will be like having a robotic MM

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