So…. PUP, BLM and… MNK??

Well, tonight I have got a few thousand Exp on BLM, which is always nice, aiming as always to 75.

PUP news, no more lvls, lvl 10 now, and slowly rising, though I can pick up my RNG frame tomorrow at 4pm local time :D:D:D

MNK? Just lvling it up for a Sub, lvl 5 now, boost is fun, but not really useful to me yet, but anyway, thats all folks, night all ^^

One Response to “So…. PUP, BLM and… MNK??”
  1. Minda says:

    I kinda think MNK is a fun job. Of course mine is only at around level 8… but still I think it is fun.

    I was taking MNK, WAR, DNC, and SCH up together until I got into a duo as SCH and now I am in the dunes iwth SCH and the rest of them still need a little work. I have not played since last weekend, so I need to get on tonight for a little bit when I get off work and see what is going on, maybe work on getting the remaining three into the dunes. 😀

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