RoZ 4 – Temple Of Uggalepih

Well RoZ 4 is done and dusted, a pickup group of 5 of us, BRD RDM BLM NIN WAR took the Temple by storm, we were like a team of SAS….

Team of SAS that had become a marching band…..

We aggro’d so much on the way it it was hilarous, no deaths though, thanks to the sheer amount of sleeps etc lol.

So lots of agro later (mostly my magic agro >.< 😐 ) We farmed 2 lanterns, lit them, through the door, all well and good. On to the fight.

Run in, ES Sleepga II (Oh yes, gotta love it) and destroy the THF Tonberry, easy as. BLM Tonberry went down next, followed by the SMN Tonberry. The cutscene that followed was epic xD So much CoP related stuff, i understand now 😀


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