Time For CoP!!!!

OK, lets run around, do some Louverance’s Path CSs (Three Paths), and we can go do some fights against moblins and bugbears šŸ˜€


Or not…

Only me, Gen, and Suc, were online last night, out of the 6 of us… no CoP for us -.-

So what else did I do yesterday? Well i did some BCNMs with Shamoke, Kevan, Hamo, and Lee, no good drops WHAT SO EVER, worst PCC run evar!!. So instead of sticking around for KSNMs, I went to get ready for CoP -.- In the end, as i was in Movalpolos anyway before i was told CoP was cancelled, So i went to do my ENM60, Pulling the strings…. I lost 22k on getting to the ENM (You gamble with the goblin, i bet 10k on each roll, and then you pay 2k to teleport you to the arena). Go in, unleash a Freeze on the fool, and start trying to sleep him…. oh wait, thats odd, he doesnt sleep -_- . So yeah, after realising this, i go to the ol’ nuke em stratagy, till he starts casting Flood, so I run away out of casting range, to come back 30 seconds later to get hit by a fucking tornado!! When did he start casting tornado? I have no clue, since I was out of casting range!!!!

Anyway, not a great day, but I did manage to get Alchemy to 5, woo šŸ˜•


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