Update Tiem

Well, let’s take a moment to review what I’ve done recently.

Well BLM wise… well I have not touched BLM much recently, I just couldnt be bothered, even with no buffer, and so many merits to obtain. So what have I been doing instead you ask? Puppetmaster ๐Ÿ˜Ž It has been so fun, and I have leveled suprisingly fast according to Ama lol, he seemed shocked that I made it to 25/26 so quickly. With a sharpshooter and stormwaker frame, I am equipped for soloing with a cure bot, or doing major DD damage with my RNG Frame, I’ve had a couple of people say they are impressed with it’s TP gain, as well as it’s damage output, between me and Mk.IV, we deal out an impressive amount of damage, well, not so much me, but the frame does really nice damage :mrgreen:

2 Responses to “Update Tiem”
  1. Minda says:

    LOL, you are making me want to give PUP a shot! I gotta keep telling myself no because I am still working on getting MNK, WAR, DNC, and SCH into and out of the dunes. XD

  2. MM says:

    Doooo eeeet PUP is so fun, and the ‘maton is so epic, its now my preffered DD job ๐Ÿ™‚ (BLM is a magic DD, differant category, and RNG is a another category :P)

    Though PUP looks intimidating at first, it’s fine, it wears pretty cheap gear (has access to mage gear, so gearing the master up is annoying, but do-able)

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