Well, Another Ding Post

Yes, I have dinged PUP30 yesterday, and as such, I have completed the quest to unlock my Valoredge frame, the melee PUP frame 😎 Ill be posting a screenshot soon of me and all my little ‘matons, and might update my banner to show an ARMY of Mk.IV <Insert Evil Laughter :twisted:>. Well anyway, as I reach the modest level of PUP30, I have been thinking what little bits and pieces I can do as PUP30, which includes ENMs, CoP and other LS events. Obviously as PUP75 I can solo many things, that is just how awesome we are (GOGO MK.IV WITH CURE V HAHAHAHA*). But level capped events and various other bits and pieces intrigue MM, such as the how/what/why questions of going as PUP to ENMs, asides from the obvious 9K exp for all 3.Ill be posting shortly on the stratagy/complications of this shortly.

It occurs to me, as PUP30, I need more melee subjobs to play around with, as I currently only have MNK12, WAR13, NIN25, DRG10 and RNG50, which are the most viable SJ choices, even though DRG and RNG would be frowned on by the /NINONRY people in the community, then again, /NINONRY would most likely be LOLPUP people too xD

So my plan now is take take WAR to 25 at least, and mabye MNK to18, as well as RDM to 37. This will take me awhile, but I need to start working on BLM merits more, as I have leveled PUP, I have forgotten my first job, the poor BLMness that it is, though I did go and make 3 merits, then traded them in for Burst II, lol, so next on merit list is either one more AM2, or Potency/magic merits 🙂

*Note: My automaton doesn’t have Cure V yet, but it does get it at about lvl 60ish on the WHM head, and up to Blizzard IV at 75 with the BLM head
2 Responses to “Well, Another Ding Post”
  1. Minda says:

    Whoo!! Gogo MM and your ‘maton!!

    maybe we can party together sometime when you level some of your low jobs. I have quite a few low ones myself that need work.

  2. MM says:

    Well I am doing WAR at the moment, level 13, you will probably find me in the lold00nes D:

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