BLM > MNK ^^;

Well last night was a very fun evening/night, first of all I manaburned on my BLM, got myself more merits, so my current standing on BLM sofar is:

Buffer: Got, Merits (General): None, Merits (BLM Tier 1): 2 Ice Potency Merits, Merits (BLM Tier 2): Freeze II, Burst II

After this fun, It was time for some PvP in the Diorama – Ghelsba Outpost, such a fun activity, I’ve never had so much fun spamming Nukes, Sleeps, Binds. We didn’t play for Points, going instead for a fun brawl, 4 on 4, the end teams ended being WAR BLU MNK RDM, against THF BLM RDM and a 2nd melee, my team of course being THF BLM RDM + 4th, The Wyverns. So, general stratagy for MM you ask? Sleepga, AM2, Sleepga AM2, that a kill for me. However, all my macros have gear swaps… if you gear swap in this PvP, you get penalised, you cannot move or make any actions, majorly sucks, so I had to optimise my gear for all situations, and not use my macros for most of the battle 👿 major disadvantage to MM, considering all my macros have gear swaps 👿 But after working through my problems, I seemed to do fairly well, though as a squishy mage, I took a fair amount of damage, and BLU is an epic PvPer, plain and simple.

Onto PUP, I managed to take PUP to 32, I need to work on my mage frame, its skill is slightly gimped, but the RNG frame is pure damage on a stick, just WOW, and VE, the melee frame, is good DoT, but I don’t like it too much D: We shall see how well it works in ENMs shortly.

3 Responses to “BLM > MNK ^^;”
  1. Minda says:

    I know that players get shrunk when they do Ballista, but do they really shrink the tiny taru too? LOL, midget taru MM!!


    I shall call him, Mini-MM!

    *giggles insanely*

  2. mithrasdagger says:

    o.O MM has craaaaazy friends ;P like him o.O’ CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MM says:

    Guess What? They are also Made of Win, not Fail xP

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