ENM Results

Well, it’s monday, D Day is over, lolPUP has made it out of ENMs. Lets review

Automaton: The valoredge frame DoT is not great, shield bash was nice, as it inflicts slow during fights, but the damage put out between me, hiki, ama, rok’s avatar, and sno, it was not great having DoT. Sharpshooter however, excellent damage up the floors, nice WSs coupled with my own for great damage, doing 300+ damage between our WS.

Myself: I managed to keep up with hiki’s WS damage, and considering that I am a lolPUP with lolH2H (C+ Hand-to-Hand skill), I was quite impressed, and in my own opinion, I might have out damaged a couple of you (If you add in my auto :mrgreen:) though I didn’t parse it, mabye next time.

Overall: The setup worked very well (WAR MNK PUP RNG WHM SMN), it is a shame about Min’s death, but my provoke just couldnt pull enough hate… not that I particularly wanted to tank it without a curebot…. but it would have been better if it had worked ;;

Drops, I managed to get 60k worth of items, would have been 100k (Would have loved that) but I gave one of my Somber clusters to Min in compensation for her death, and then she went to win the lot on the next one 👿 (I almost won that lol 😉 )

Oh well, 9k exp and 60k, a lolPUP can’t complain, much fun was had, I believe my PUP might be wanted in ENMs again, or mabye that is just me being optimistic xD

2 Responses to “ENM Results”
  1. Minda says:

    lolPUP is welcome, I do believe. I had a great time, and death is just part of the process. Better me than the rest of you, for sure!! If anyone was going to die in that fight I had already made up my mind that it was going to be me.

    I’m all heroic like that I guess.

    {{{hugs}}} to you for letting me have that Somber!

    I can’t wait to get BLM to 30… Maybe you can give me some tips, eh?

  2. MM says:

    It was no problem, I am sure you would do the same for me

    tips? Umm… keep to the hate line, don’t die, watch out for SC/MB…

    not alot to it really

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