Wait…there is a time AWAY from the laptop???

I came across an awesome MMORPG over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing it between PUP or BLM sessions, here’s the advertisment of it:


Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun suprisingly, but I have not yet tried the PvP mode xD

In a more sirius note (DiducwutIdidthar?) it is time for a update about IRL stuff, rather then the whole JESUS ITS AN ROBOT! LOLMMLOLPUP!!

So let’s see what has been happening. Well due to my grandparents holiday, the rest of my family have been at their house, house sitting. Where does that leave MM you say? Well that leaves me and {Woman} house sitting my own house of course :mrgreen: many lulz followed, I have tried to limit my time on the game and to spend it with her, and I *THINK* it has worked sofar, but I could be very wrong, perhaps I should enquire…. Well as it ahs just been me and her, I decided as some of you know, to cook her a nice romantic meal, candles and all, except… no candles… and the tables a mess…. well it is the thought that counts 😆 SOOOOO one chicken roast dinner later, let’s review

  • The house is in one piece, not burned, on fire, etc etc
  • I am not dead from food poisoning
  • The Wii, the laptop and general possessions are ok, due to point 1
  • {Woman} is not dead from food poisoning

and Yes, I wrote those in that order, but {Woman} does come top really 😀

Well asides from the whole house sitting and meal cooking, as some of you know, I obtained my copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl a day early, which is still about 3+ months after the rest of the world!! So since then, I’ve played through the story line which is fun, unlocked all the characters, played many brawls (FUNFUNFUNFUN), and eventually ended up playing Wembo at a couple of games last night, where I only ended up losing twice, due to unfortunate circumstances (Picking Rubbish char’s for the lulz, is fail). But Solid Snake, Pit, and Sonic, and even Pokemon Trainer, got to knock Wembo out of the brawl, many lulz followed the OH SHI~ SMASH BALL!!… about 4/5 times a match, god I love it when items are set on high 😈 , and Sonic going Super Sonic just to wipe the field is great 😎 Though diddy kong getting the smash ball over and over is just plain annoying

Oh well…. There’s my life in a nut shell, not including lolWork or lolSixthform 😀

One Response to “Wait…there is a time AWAY from the laptop???”
  1. Minda says:

    I have been trying out that Outside game a little bit, it’s quite fun. My character is currently a level 5 jogger, and I seem to be progressing nicely. If you have a chance, check out my latest workout stats posted up on my blog. 🙂

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