The weekend

Let’s have a weekend update, not something I generally do, but a change is always nice. Lets start with the friday, with that Thank God It’s Friday feeling. So friday, as usual I went to 6th form, and spent the morning browsing the internet, and playing Portal (Which IMO is a very fun, challenging game), went to a few lessons, and then it was the end of the day. Or rather, the end of the year. Yes, one year down, one year to go, provided they let me back in o.O

Work next, went to work my short shift at tesco, as usual things went boringly well, got walked to where I was getting a lift, spoke to Dan/Hurtank, went home and online, and we ended up Fighting Gratation. That is one {Impossible to Gauge} NM, which me ama and rok decided we would attempt a trio. So off we pop it, full buffed, ready for anything… or so we thought. We each suffered about 2-3 deaths, Rok I think had the least amount of deaths, as ama was the kiter, and I ended up being the “backup kiter” as BLM o.O

We got it down to aprox. 80% with just the 3 of us, before we decided to call it quits, and run to the zoneline. A good first attempt, though I have lost most of my buffer lol, I do so need a reason to merit BLM again, and since my elemental DoTs were getting resisted, I have decided to forget meriting AM2, or Tier 1 potency, but to focus on magic skills now, as it is obvious to me I will have to, so that I may nuke bigger things.

Saturday is the same as ever, work 9-6, go back to {woman}’s house, stay over, but no laptop, as was the rule I laid down upon myself (to keep myself from becoming obsessed and ignoring her), so No FFXI for me lol, but I’ll be back after monday, as me and {Woman} are spending monday going shopping, God Help Me xD

Sunday, is a day of relaxation, I’m by myself to about 4pm, so I’ll have time to plan the next 6/7/8 weeks off, here is what I came up with sofar

  1. Week 1: Relaxation/Spend Time With Friends/{Woman}, Online etc etc
  2. Weeks 2-4: Work with much overtime to pay for holiday
  3. Weeks 5-6: Holiday with {Woman} and her family, we are all off to Dawlish, in Cornwall
  4. Weeks 7-End: Same as week 1, and get ready to go back to 6th Form in the new academic year

Fun Fun, See you all soon 🙂

Edit: Put “Puller” rather then kiter: STUPID MM IS STUPID
One Response to “The weekend”
  1. Minda says:

    Glad that things are going well for you!! Missed you in game today, but {woman} is much more important. 🙂

    See you again soon!!!

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