{I’m Sorry}

{Please Forgive Me} ;_;

I won’t be online much over the next 3 weeks, and the 2 weeks after that, I won’t be online at all 😥

Reasoning for this I hear you ask? Over the next 3 weeks I’ll be burning myself out at work, I need to do as much overtime as I possibly can to provide enough spending money for holiday/for after holiday, I can’t go on holiday and NOT buy my {woman} a few drinks, might take her out for a meal yet, but let’s keep that all shush shush 😎

But yes, 3 weeks in a Work-Burn party, hopefully tescos working cant kill me, but we shall see. After the 3 weeks, I will {Jumping To A New Area} , Cornwall to be exact, in a nice little town called Dawlish Warren iirc, but I shall have much lulz and fun, though I will only have my PSP to keep me company, and a single charge on my MP3 player for the trip down, as I shall have no way to recharge it on the way back, or during my holiday 😐

Hopefully see you soon 🙂

2 Responses to “{I’m Sorry}”
  1. Minda says:

    Have a wonderful holiday, and a safe trip! See you when you come back!!!

  2. MM says:

    Not gone yet 🙂

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