Damn…. I so want this Nyzul Relic….

Alongside this relic, comes a unique PUPonry Weaponskill…. a Six Hit Weapon Skill…. which has been reported to do significant damage….

MM likes

and you don’t need the relic to obtain the WS, you get it from a quest, awesome right?

However, they are making no changes to the flaws in the WHM or BLM automaton’s AI, god dammit -_- infact, there are no job adjustments for PUP coming our way what so ever…

Report Here

2 Responses to “Kenkonken”
  1. Minda says:

    The RDM relic is uber awesome, too.


    It will be forever, if ever, that I will land myself one but at least a girl can dream.

    And the Death Blossom sword WS is simply beautiful!!!

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