Long Time No Post….

Ok, I know I said ages ago I would post my holiday snaps etc etc, but yeah, not happening :mrgreen: after recent events, I don’t really want to look at the pictures myself, so I’ll give a recount of what happened, followed by FFXI news, and my own personal life news. Let’s start


Holiday was in general very fun, we went all sorts of places, go karting, shopping, shopping, airshow, shopping, shopping. We went to a cool holiday place called the Welcome Family Holiday Park, in a nice area called Dawlish Warren, a really nice place, I’ve been several times. So we got our own chalet for me and anna’s familiy, and as a general rule it went well, even if I had to sleep in a tiny bunkbed :/

The shopping was good, we went to plenty of places but I didn’t buy anything super, few DS games, a USB recharger for the mains, etcetc. Entertainment at the park was good, with nightly shows made of lulz, including Dr Who, High School Musical, We Will Rock You, and various other nice things, but made with adults in mind, while keeping it JUST tame enough for kids to watch too, so everyone got a laugh out of it. The food was excellent, the icecreams ZOMG ICECREAMS were Delicious. Apple pies were nice too. Plymouth was good, it had one of these shops, Large Kinder Beuno milkshake with extra icecream prz 😀

Ok, onto FFXI:

Well let’s see, I’ve recently joined a Nyzule Isle static, with Znozzy, Nyvec, Luxv, Belg and Tmain, and as a whole we work well together, after a run or two, we got lamps down, sorted out what to do in ALMOST all situations, but chariots and flayers are piss-annoying. We are currently sitting at floor 45, JUST scraping that win after I hit UP instead of EXIT on floor 45, giving us about 3 mins to clear a “Kill All” floor 😯 Which we managed to clear. I’ve also taken PUP up a fair few levels, I hit level 50 last night, and I can start on my AF gear next, as well as do the quest for the BLM automaton head piece. BLM is still 75, and I picked up a nice pair of enfeebling/healing boots for it too from ZNMs.

Real Life Stuff:

Well, in 6th form I’m doing pretty well, I’ve kept on top of my work. Just. Computing is great, the teacher is a laugh, plus he plays Magic: The Gathering, and he is an ex-WoWer, and currently playing Warhammer Online, so he is good to talk to. My Maths class is going well, I know it all sofar, and I’ve kept up on deadlines so far. Media Studies isn’t going horrible yet 😀 I’ve started playing Magic: The Gathering again with some friends and my computing teacher, it gives me something to do during breaks where I have no work to do/catch up on. I’m also planning a rather nerdish party, my LAN party with a bunch of guys from 6th form, we are basically going to get together to play loads of nerdish games like Doom, Unreal Tourny etc in LAN mode, should be good fun Methinks.

The one, pretty dominating bad point in life sofar is my lack of a girlfriend. Yes, I am once again single 😥 but I am coping pretty well, drinking last weekend helped lol, and I’ve pretty much just turned off emotions for now, it’s only occasionally I start to feel down, but Wembo really helped me be happy for awhile when I saw him last thursday.

Anyway, that’s all folks, I’ll be ingame lots more from now on, so say hi if you can

One Response to “Long Time No Post….”
  1. Minda says:

    Glad to hear that your holiday went well, and it sounds like the nerd party will be fun (I’d even join if I could!)

    How awesome to have a teacher that is into games!! I’m considering picking up Warhammer Online when my friend gets a new computer so that we can play together. I’m still trying to talk him into coming to FFXI tho…

    Sorry to hear about your lack of girlfriend. It’s not really a bad thing, I’ve been boyfriend-less for about 7 months now and I kinda like it. XD Just be patient and your heart will heal.


    See you in-game, I hope!

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