Nyzul Isle Update

for non-FFXIers, Nyzul Isle is a “raid” (if your using lolWoW terms) where you need to climb 100 floors of a tower I suppose is the easiest way to describe it. You can save progress after every 5 floors, and you get 30 mins per run. I normally do 3 runs a day, twice a week with my linkshell (Guild), and some times we do really badly, sometimes we do really great.
At time of posting, we have JUST hit floor 60, and beaten khimmy. We are pretty proud of ourselves, we’ve had loads of problems recently, between my connection and vista, the choice of floors we get (Damn those flayers). We have had some of the weapons drop, but nothing shiny really.

PUP weapon and Goliard Head and hands are on my list of want-able items
Here’s Hoping 🙂


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