I May Have Been Drinking…

So what’s the Ossifer Problem?

Indeed, I have been drinking tonight, and have been for the past few weeks (Pretty much since about my ex dumped me, heh). Pear cider/Blueberry flavoured pear cider is my choice of drink, such as this:

On a side note, St Helier’s is also REALLY nice.

So I’ve had loads of fun drinking this, and tonight we all went to a “local” pub. I say “Local” as it is not local to me, as the others in the group. But we all had a laugh, and I can’t wait for the indian next saturday, where there will almost deffinatly be MORE drinking (Not as much as tonight though).

Not only that, I also have a LAN party planned (NERDISH FUN GO!) and a halloween drinking thing, so my social life has taken a +1. Ever since I got dumped it seems. Coincidence? Perhaps not.

Oh well, Drinking is Good, Social Is Good.

There was more to go here… but I got distracted… hmmm…

Post moar when I am fully thinking ^^;


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