So, Nyzul Isle #2

Well I just finished Nyzul Isle tonight, and we have just beaten floor 80 :mrgreen:

It’s really good, we just destroyed Hydra, and I didn’t {Connection Lost} once, though I did R:0 a couple of times, pretty nice imo. We didn’t get any drops from hydra which is a shame, and none of the ??? items were any good. But we did get some Mythic Weapons, PLD, RDM and one other dropped, can you guess which one?

That’s right. PUP weapons. FUCK YEAH!!!

We had this drop before, but I let Famfryt take them as he is PUP75. Now, after 80 floors of climbing, and PUP only 25 levels away from being able to use them, I obtain my own 🙂

So yeah, only need another 10 levels on WAR, then I can finish taking PUP to 75 and I can get Stringel Pummel! It’s a 6-hit WS that is reported to do significant damage

Sorry if you can’t read that, but it’s the best image I could get (with that high a damage)

What’s my next step after I get Stringing Pummel? I may work towards a Kenkonken, it looks REALLY good for my PUP.


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