Weeeell, let’s have an update or two

Yes, it’s that time again, i.e. where MM has not done his updates like a good person, so it’s time for a bigger post. Let’s start, as I always do, with FFXI

Well what have I been up to? I’ve quit Sky, that is what! Sky is so god damn boring, it’s just all bleh, all that farming, plus with all my 6th form work, I can’t handle too many endgame stuff, as well as the social/exping parts. So, that brings me down to 2 Endgame activities, Nyzul Isle, and Dynamis. Dynamis has gone well, i’m on my last trial run this thursday.  No pieces have got to me yet, the PUP pieces are snatched up by Krionic or Souljay, and BLM pieces are wanted by too many people

Nyzul Isle has gone well, ish, we had some armour drop, including BOTH of my pieces, which went to others, as this was during the time I was away, due to laptop failure.. sucks to be me eh? But Belge has his weapon, now, so i think we’ve all got what we need minus the armour drop. Though last run SE gave me a big fuck you on floor 99, Which can only be explained in the following imagescrewyouse

Pretty annoying, as you can imagine, for a BLACK MAGE, I just sat there using cure and banish nukes (We faced undead, so I wasn’t at a complete loss)

Also did ENMs with Mia, Ama, Wimps, Hiki and Snok, it was really good to get back into some non-endgame activities, and I managed to get PUP to nearly 52, had fun, and got a nice money drop to boot. Can’t really argue with that.

Been building my BLM buffer, it’s still really bad, but i’ve got a few more days to work on that.

In real life? Not much has happened, I’m still single, got social life and work going on, 6th form work, I’ve been playing some Guitar Hero recently, as well as more Magic: The Gathering, umm going to see Bond film tomorrow? Should be good I hope
Let’s hope I update more often from now on eh? Laterga guys

5 Responses to “Weeeell, let’s have an update or two”
  1. Minda says:

    Well it is very good to see that you are back online. You have been missed, indeed! Welcome back, and sorry about the anal screw from SE… That is just your luck.

  2. MM says:

    Lol, exactly it is just MY luck.

    Ah well

  3. notluxv says:

    Someday you will be vindicated when that ‘melee attacks are restricted’ message comes across. Someday.

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