Well yesterday, was a day of PUPettry, pretty much all I have done yesterday is PUP related. First thing I did? I logged on, and grabbed my 4th piece of PUP AF, and then today, I logged on and grabbed the final piece :mrgreen:


Having obtained them all, I like to think this following title is apt:


I have to admit, the “Paragon of X Excellence” title series are one of my favourites, I mean sure, having the AF of your job isn’t really that excellent as everyone does it, in some cases the gear is pretty lacking, but I just the the way they sound to me.

Now yesterday, I had decided to build a party, so i grabbed a DNC friend (Kinikki) and a PLD WHM SAM MNK, and we headed of to Kuftal Tunnel, but the exp sucked on crabs, the fights were about 5 mins long, and the exp was going to be terrible. So we jumped to King Ramperre’s Tomb, we changed the SAM for a BRD, and we went off on our merry way, it was pretty fun, though I did see this odd occurance


You can see 2x Garuda, Mk.IV greyed out names, as if they were dead, and that water spirit wasn’t actually there (The SMN was able to rest) It’s occured before, with Mk.IVs name just appearing, but it’s getting REALLY spooky.

After the party, I ended up being on PUP53, and as I tried to use my Warp stick to get out, I realised I had another hour on the timer for it, so I ended up walking out, and throwing Mk.IV at the various level 10ish mobs I came across. I then decided, to build it’s TP, and just decimate a weak to piercing bat, with my Sharpshooter frame’s new WS, Daze. The results? See for yourself


I think that’s pretty damn good, and I can’t wait for Armour Piercer 😀

3 Responses to “PUPdate!”
  1. Minda says:

    Congrats on landing all your AF and that snazzy new title.

    o.O That is rather creepy that you keep seeing your ‘maton’s name grayed out like that…. Could it be a warning to MM the PUP?

  2. Amarok says:

    Grats on full AF MM, I wanna see it all equiped now.

    BST46 and snapping at your heels. 4 more lvls and I can start my AF quests (I love em).

    Puppetmaster really is interesting, I wonder if it might be my next job after Beastmaster.

  3. MM says:

    I’ll post a screenshot asap Ama =D

    I don’t mind if it’s snapping at my heels, means I can duo/party with you without levelsync, so I don’t lose Raging Fists =D

    PUP is a really interesting job, not many of people understand how it works, so I get some interesting responses from other party members/people around me, sometimes even questions about job mechanics etc

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