Update from Mr.PUP

Well it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a proper update on what has been going on, and I feel it’s time to have a little writeup of what I have done, after all this is what this blog was for, right?

Let’s start of with the ever-so-failing real life of me, though in all honestly the only part of my life that has failed recently has been my love life! I’m still single unfortunatly, I did fancy a few girls, but due to the fact that I’d rather not date my close friends, and the fact the freaked out when they found out I fancied them, that’s a no go 🙄

Working and money stuff, yeah I’m still checkout guy, and I have to admit there are some nice people at work *coughCuteGirlscough* and as a general rule it’s been pretty nice working there for a year.

Sixthform issues? Well recently I havn’t had any, I’ve got all my work done, asides from some Media work in for tomorrow, I suppose I’d better think about getting that done sharpish.

Christmas is coming up soon, and that means that my wallet has a huge hole in it this seasonal period. I’ve spent so much, thank god I’m getting paid on christmas eve, I need the money for my drinks!

Moving swiftly along to in-game events!

I’ve still been doing the same old things, Dynamis, Nyzul Isle, ENM30s, 50s, 60s, and I’m still taking PUP to 75 and my own pace. Dynamis has been quite fun recently, made more so by last dynamis-beau! The dynamis Orc NMs all have charmga for a TP move, so our stratagy was everyone run up to the mob as fast as possible, just swarm him and no one doesn’t get charmed, so the alliance doesn’t start eating each other. Except for one problem…

MM was over out of AoE range, resting from weakened… he had no hate on the NM, so no one attacked him, the following happend: “/target Znozzy”, Alt+1 (FreezeII).


I have to admit, it was one of my highlights of Dynamis so far, including the previously shown BLM hand relic piece, and the following nice shinies


Pretty sweet, both on freelot so neither effect my points for BLM!

I’ve been doing ENM 30s with Amarok, Rokada, Minda, Mia, Finn, and Riv recently, it’s been so fun having the “Scooby Gang” back together as finn put it, getting 3k a pop, and items to sell, plus lulz and fun times along the way. We also did the Promyvion-Vahzl for those who needed it, and we did the ENM50 there a few times too! I’ve learnt since that PUP can solo it, so I may give this a go and hope for that lovely shiny ring! ENM60 Pulling the strings is a good one to try for most jobs, especially PUP as I found out awhile ago, when I used it to raise PUP from 60 to 61, and attempted to obtain some ok attachments. Of course I didn’t end up with the attachments that I wanted, but there is a video to follow shortly, I just need some good music for a background!

BLM is still the same as ever, it’s still used in Nyzul and Dynamis, and it often requires topping up or replacing it’s buffer, but I never really spend the time manaburning or meriting unfortunatly, maybe over Christmas eh?

Hope you all have a wonderful christmas guys, I’ll leave you with my latest bit of photoshop work =D


6 Responses to “Update from Mr.PUP”
  1. Tony says:

    Oh poor thing!
    You know Znozzy? >.<

  2. MM says:

    Yes I’m in neonephilim, but who are you? lol

  3. Tony says:

    Lol, I was once on Phoenix, currently resides on Midgardsormr. I feel sorry for you. Znozzy was a pain in the ass. And on top of it, since I’m swedish, I could understand -all- the languages he spoke…

  4. MM says:

    Lol, what was your character name, maybe I knew you?

  5. MM says:

    Hmm doesn’t ring a bell ^^; Hope you’re enjoying Midgardsormr

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