I need to update moar

So yeah, I’ve not been posting, bad MM blah blah.
I’ve actually been pretty busy recently, between Neonephilim, RoZ, CoP, PUP and BLM, not to mention all of the RealLife stuff that’s been going on!

Let’s start with RL stuff, I’ve actually been doing lots of school work recently, I had to do 4 exams and I think I may have aced my Maths Core 1 Paper, at least I hope so! I’ve got a couple of social things to do, this sunday I’m going to a Conflux Prerelease, where I shall obtain more precious precious Magic:The Gathering cards. Speaking of MTG, I’m currently winning(Joint 1st Place)  the league I’m in, playoff should be soon, wish me luck! I’ve also organised an indian for next week, with some people from Sixthform, college and a girl from work, so that should be good fun!

Ingame, I’ve also been fairly busy, I’ve got my Divine Might earring now, after a brilliant 1/3 win from Neonephilim, organised by none other then yours truly! Go me. I’ve also been working on CoP, and i’ve not had as much luck, we’ve done 3 PM6-4 runs so far, with not much sucess I will admit!

Dynamis wise, I have big news, I’ve actually been promoted to Dynamis Leader in neonephilim! I take points, attendance, call out lots etc etc, and it’s been a fair amount of work so far, especially since Znozzy wasn’t here for Dynamis-Windurst! Thank god Loncar was around, I wouldn’t have known exactly what to do 😦

BLM is still 75, got a fair amount of new gear too, and PUP has hit 65 now, screenshots to follow. My gear has improved with leaps and bounds! Also screenshots to follow. I’m about 2k tnl, and I can easily solo that on Colibri when I get chance, most likely this weekend or s0mething.

4 Responses to “I need to update moar”
  1. Minda says:

    Congrats on all your new developments!!!

  2. Xx says:

    omg pups are so f-ing awesome!


  3. MM says:

    Yes, yes they are

  4. Myste says:

    I agree with henry…. lolpup

    If you ninja this post.. i will add ‘mm is gay’ back on a scroll D:

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