Easter Break

So, it’s been awhile since I last posted, and it’s time to see write down what’s what.

My RNG has finally dinged 60, and I do so love that Sidewinder action!  I’m now 5/5 on AF, all of it solo’d on my PUP too, so I was pretty happy about that. I’m refusing to level it any more though, till I get more gear, I need amemet mantle+1 and some new R.Acc knifes!

Just an old screenshot of RNG

Just an old screenshot of RNG

PUP, has been doing pretty well, I need to up my gear in some areas, but it’s mostly just Sea gear really. I’ve got the Role Reversal JA from merits, it’s a pretty neat trick, instantly swaps my ‘maton and my HP around,  really useful if I need to deactivate>Activate and he isn’t on 100% HP, but of course this only works really on the mage frames.

BLM is just the same as ever, albiet with a lower buffer after fighting ZNMs with Ama!

Dynamis has gone pretty well recently, we got the win again on Dynamis-Qufim, and on a more personal note, I am 4/5 on BLM relic gear, with the 5th piece hopefully becoming mine tonight!

4/5 BLM relic go!

4/5 BLM relic go!

CoP hasn’t gone so well, but hopefully getting 6-4 tonight tonight, the signs are good anyway.

Real life wise, things havn’t been going so great. Work is fine, wembo is making things easier for me, and sixthform itself is going fairly well. My problem is my friends, or rather, my imminent lack of friends. At the end of the year most of my friends are off to Uni, and I’m going to be one of the only ones staying around, it’s pretty depressing, but I know that’s it’s how life happens, with everyone going their seperate ways, but it will be very hard on me to see them go. It’s going to create a gap, and I can already see it happening, and I have nothing to fill it with. The people who are staying at sixthform are ok, but i’m not as close to any of those as I am to the people I am close to.

What can I do? Only time will tell. For now, I’ll leave you with this picture, which made me lol.

It's a Trap!

It's a Trap!

2 Responses to “Easter Break”
  1. katmeeow says:

    Pffft – do you know how many of my friends from school I’m still friends with – two. And they live in ZA. Now is when your life really begins, and you start to shed the people that you kind of stumbled upon as friends, and make real ones that last for the rest of your life. Plus you get to mix in different circles and grow as a person. Ok, old person rant over.

  2. MM says:

    I half agree with your old person rant, but some of the friends, are people who will last the rest of my life, Stacey for example I’ve known forever, she’s not someone I can get rid of 🙂

    I’m just going to miss them is all.

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