Oooooh Yeeaaah!

Last night, may have been THE best night recently, having finally accomplished what has kept me aggravated for so long!

Just after a wipe

Just after a wipe

So this guy. Ultima.

Ugly F&%*er, isn't he?

Ugly F&%*er, isn't he?

I’ve only actually fought this guy twice, I kept wiping to his other half, Omega, on previous runs. We finally got to Ultima on Sunday, as RDM (Cynric) WHM (Hannahry) PLD (Greybolt) WAR (Razis) DRG (Sunaga) RNG (Yours truly!). We had him down to 11% before running out of time, as we had a few of our member get killed at the last couple of % on Omega. Kinda sucked, and I realised then, if we had brought 3 Icarus wings we would have won (Plus I was holding onto TP for a Sidewinder, if we had just had another 30 seconds, we would have won!)

We came back again, Hannahry was swapped for Myste, (They were just helping, didn’t need the mission) and at the last 38% on ultima, we just went full out, I was building up TP, used EagleEyeShot, Barrage’d, Sidewinder’d, used my Icarus wing, and Sidewinder’d again.

We meant serious business, and we got him down with a minute or two to spare. We are finally on to the last stretch before Sea, we are all so glad we got that down, it felt so good to have that mission done, after having it wear me down so often. In a way it’s rejuvenated me, giving me a new found enthusiasm for the expansion.

One of the Cutscenes later scared me however, if you have ever spoked to Cid in Bastok Metalworks, you will know what I mean.

Look at those nashers!

Look at those nashers!

Damn those are some scary teeth.

Until next time!

One Response to “Oooooh Yeeaaah!”
  1. Myste says:

    Congratulations on this, its a really big pain in the ass fight and yeah o.o Enjoy sea! D:

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