I dedicate this post too…

So, alot has happened since my last post. Wednesday was maintenance/update day, as a general rule, I was happy about this, until I learned that they had F*%&ed PUP’s ranged automaton. Completely demolished it’s ranged attack, and WS damage, but thank god that’s fixed now.

Onto better news, since the emergency maintenance happened during dynamis time, I cancelled dynamis and scheduled some CoP NMs with my static.

Damn he's another ugly one

Damn he’s another ugly on

There is one more, a Sea Monk NM named Dalham in Bibikki bay, and a Tonberry in Carpenter’s Landing, but I forgot to grab a screenshot. So we downed these NMs pretty quickly, our goal was the final fight before Sea. We had a time limit, Cynric had sky in awhile. We finally got the last of it, I quickly jeuno warped using my ring from beating 6-4 (Such a nice ring). I grabbed the flight to bastok, ran to Cid’s office, and grabbed a cutscenee. This is where the action paced running around stopped, I left my laptop while waiting for grey to grab some ciders. I needed cider at this point. So we resumed our race, got to Sea Lion’s Den, and we went into our next fight against the Samurai Tenzen.

A man's discontent is his worst evil.

A man's discontent is his worst evil.

Our stratagy was born out of haste and simplicity. We hit him. Repeatedly. Until he cried for mercy.

It’s a pretty sound stratagy for anything 😎

I’ve got a video coming up soon from the tenzen fight, it’s surprisingly short lol.

We got a really nice (Long) cutscene next, and we got welcomed into a zone I’ve been waiting a long time to see, ever since I read the posts on Amarok’s blog of his journey into sea. I’ve been with many people, on many missions in CoP, I’ve joined at least two statics, but I’ve finally got this far.

/Welcome to Sea

/Welcome to Sea

Damn there is some wierd ass stuff in Sea

Damn there is some wierd ass stuff in Sea

Don't Ever Annoy the Blackmage. Ever.

Don't Ever Annoy the Blackmage. Ever.

I’d like to thank at this point, everyone I can think of who’s helped me get to this point in CoP 🙂 (Damn this will take awhile!)

Amarok, Rokada, Hikitsune, Snokyd, Finndel, Riverwind, Wimpy, Miarin, Mindel, Dooom, Wembo, Stockyboy, Generaltalon, Sucubus, Kagomie, Mattads, Sungaga, Razis, Greybolt, Cynric, Frasier, Hannahry, Myste, Nerji, Armarn, Edmon, Kinikki

I’m sure there are many others I have missed, if I have let me know and I’ll add you to my list

I dedicate this post to you all.

Together we made it!

Together we made it!

2 Responses to “I dedicate this post too…”
  1. Kinikki says:

    How dare you leave me off the list. I was at a few bcnms. How rude. ;_; /hate.

  2. MM says:

    Ninja Edited for fixes!

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