Cheers FinalFantasyXIV. Cheers.

Well, with the recent trailer from E3, and the amount of discussion in my LS, I had to check out the website for FFXIV  ( It looks very FFXI like, same/similar races, even the boat being attacked looked like the selbina boat.

It’s got me thinking. I joined FFXI originally because my friend Wembo, a level 50/60 Summoner was playing, I joined his LS with Amarok, Rokada, PerfectWeapon, Finndel, Miarin, Stockyboy and many others. This was way back on July 14th 2006.

I was a newb, I was my BLM. Since leveling to 75, which was a hard and ardous journey, I met many more friends, and lost many as they quit the game, something I knew I wouldn’t be able to do for along time, even with my ‘real life’ friends bugging me to join their WorldOfWarcraft server, but my FFXI friends were, and still are very important to me. I reached 75, I took up RNG and PUP, I unlocked Sky, Sea, beat floor 100 Nyzul Isle, did Einherjar, Beat the Chains of promathia and Rise of the Zilart expansion pack missions, I’ve been leading dynamis now for some time. I’ve killed Kirin, Byakko, Suzaku, Jailers in sea, behemoth fafnir and others in nyzul, I’ve deleveled and releveled more times then I can count.  I beat maat for my first time, on my birthday, on the 21st September 2007, as a level 66 BLM. This game has given me so many memories, my only regret is that I cannot cherish all of them due to computer failures in the past.

Even the people in nephilim I consider friends, often they have been the source of alot of my stress, but they are the people that I’ve worked with to help myself and others get what they want from the game.  What ever that is, if it’s just for the fun of being with friends, or for the achievement of getting your drop, or just the satisfaction of a run well done.

With FFXIV coming out, I’ve realised now… what will I have to show of my ‘achievements’ in the years to come. An old battered (Still broken) SE security token? My blog and it’s screenshots? All this work, I know it hasn’t been for nothing, but what will I have? The idea of joining a new MMO excites me, I want a new fresh start… but what about my character? Maginmartin is ME. That’s just who I am, and without my character, I’d feel some sense of loss.

I’ve just got in a funny mood this evening, I don’t know where I stand right now, I know when FFXIV comes out, some part of me will want to swap, and another part won’t want to leave behind what I’ve done, and what I’ve become on FFXI. I am MMthePUP. I am MMtheBLM. But only on FFXI, that has no relevance to a possible future career, and it’s certainly not going to help me pick up a girlfriend, but did I achieve something these past few years,  or has it just been mostly a waste of time? It’s not an easy answer, but at least I’ve met you, my friends.

I’m fairly certain I’ve been rambling on about buggar all, but I think that’s what my blog is for, so y’know.

Later all, hopefully I’ll be able to think straight again soon.

3 Responses to “Cheers FinalFantasyXIV. Cheers.”
  1. kinikki says:

    I think we have a good few years left still before they even release 14. I can’t say I’ll be switching.. Though it depends I suppose, I’ll see what I’m doing irl at the time and if it’s still financially viable to play an MMO. O_o; Anywho, I felt a little downhearted too, especially since there’s still loads I want to do in 11.. But there’s still time, take it as it comes I guess.

    Everyone’s saying they’ll quit 11 for 14 but I’m wondering how many would actually follow through with that.

  2. Amarok says:

    I think alot of us feel the same MM, but don’t look to your achievements so much as the journey we all had to get them. I’ve been levelling DNC as a side activity recently (currently 71) but its a hollow endeavour. The real fun in this game was when all our friends got together to do something fun which wasn’t necessarily about getting the uber gear.

    I look back to the times Rok and I were levelling our first jobs (MNK and RDM) and the game was a different world back then, not because of the game changes, but how we have changed since getting our first 75. Dyna, Limbus etc I look foward to, not because of the drops, but just because its something to do as a real team, but its getting old fast.

    I’m thinking of packing in Dyna and Limbus and switching to Einherjar and Salvage for a change of scene, but I only want to do Salvage as a small team of friends, away from the end-game drama. Other than that, I’ve been enjoying Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii and spending more time with Maia now that she pulls me all around the house by a finger.

    I’m kinda looking forward FF14, but I’m pretty sure my time in FF11 will never be matched. It has been an awesome adventure, and I’ll never forget the good times.

  3. Minda says:

    I too stand on that ledge. I’ve truly just gotten a good start with FFXI, had to go AWOL for a good bit now because of work and school, and now they pull out 14 on us. I suppose my decision will be made based on you guys (Ama, Rok, Mia, Snok, Hiki, MM) since that is my comfort group. If all of you guys swap, I suppose that I will, too. But, I’m sure that no matter what happens I will miss FFXI and all of the people that made it great as they quit and move to 14.

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