Lets update

So, again it’s been awhile so let’s recap what I’ve been up to.

In game I’m doing the same old stuff, dynamis limbus sea sky. It’s getting dull to be honest thankfully einherjar is really fun and it won’t take me too long to get what I’m after (Not long being another 19 runs if we keep doing the third wing! Oh how time is relative :P)

I’ve finally caught up on some my dynamis payouts, and now it’s just back to the day in day out stuff.

Recently I did manage to have some fun though! Shock horror, but the brief time I’ve spent leveling rng has been really good, and I cannot wait to get it to an endgame level. I did manage to get some merit invites too so my pup is now 5/5 on automaton magic skill, just need 220k exp to cap optimization now D:

Another fun task is finishing up my story line missions, doing ToAU with numerous people really has reminded me what fun is! It’s playing this game FOR fun, with my friends, not obsessing over my next X Y Z drop from that event. So please, If you see me around invite me for fun events, and let’s enjoy ourselves!


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