A Winrar Is you

Capture The Flag!

Capture The Flag!

So, I had some major fun last night, we had finished doing sea (I was getting really fed up with it, I had lost 90% of the buffer I made at ix’drg farming). Xele and me pretty much decided, let’s go do ToAU, we’ve got our CSs done, and we want to get it finish to get our crowns, standard and ring! Fight fight was against a BLU and her gears

Shes one tough cookie!

She's one tough cookie!

Got her down in 1/3, her first two forms were nasty, kept bringing in the damn Gear type mobs to help her, but eventually we got a win. Rested up for a final push against her Soulflayer form, and managed to get it down.
We were thinking about finishing there, but Xelestria was really excited about going on with the last fight, against an old Final Fantasy favourite, Alexander.

AlexThis was a pretty odd fight to be honest. We started shouting for members, and a MNK suggested the setup MNK Magex5. It was an odd idea, but we thought that it couldn’t hurt! First phase of the fight, we took down another Immortal (Blue Mage), that was quite cool, he RR’d a few times though, but we took him down swiftly each time. Then after alexander fully awakened, we all spread out to take him down. After fanning out, the MNK charged in to tank, slowly chipping away at it’s HP, with the mages keeping him topped up. At 50% it got ready to use Divine Judgement, and I threw every nuke I could get off at it, and managed to get it’s attention to take the hit. ’cause we were all fanned out, only I ended up dying, so I reraised and rested, back to nuke the last few % down KillShotI was pretty happy with getting the kill shot, and the CSs that followed, simply amazing!

Dun Dun Duuuuuun!

Dun Dun Duuuuuun!


He's a Chargin His Lazor!

The final cutscenes were really good, and I’m sorry if any of this was a spoiler, but it was such a nice finale to an epic tale. Obviously after this climatic ending, we all rushed for our rewards! First up was a CS at the imperial palace




It was pretty cool, getting my ring from the empress, I picked the mage ring in the end, it’s going to be a very nice nuke piece in assaults, or just on anything resistant, and a very nice enfeebling piece! Got to love M.Acc.

Getting a final CS from Naja, we all reobtained our Glory Crown from way back in the start of the story line, it’s nice to have it back, however Naja has a few suprise bills for you, for all the work involved helping you out previously…

{Loan} {Can I have It?}

{Loan} {Can I have It?}

Hehehe, and that’s without interest on remember! Some of the expenses I couldn’t be arsed to screenshot, but that’s the total lol

Together We Made it!

Together We Made it!

Again, thanks to my friends I’ve enjoyed a portion of the game, the story lines are truly worthy of a Final Fantasy, and it has kept me going for some time. I’m hoping to do more Windurst missions, as well as WoTG, San D’Oria and Bastok mission lines, with those I shouldn’t get bored any time soon.




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