Heir to the Realm of Dreams

Which, is now my title. but let me explain how I got it

Terrestial Avatar.... Diabolos...

Terrestial Avatar.... Diabolos...

I had been hoping for a smack down between the Prime Avatar and myself for some time, and I finally managed to aquire my Tranquilizer attachment from the Auction House, so I quickly decided to give it a go. I grabbed my max INT set I could get on PUP (barring rings, couldn’t find my rings), my Pet:M.Acc AF2 lefts, and Pet:MAttackBonus AF2 feet, and rushed to get to The Shrouded Maw. Loncar came along, and we entered the fight, and I started to solo Diabolos.

PUPs are able to solo diabolos because for some reason, their nuke spells don’t claim Diabolos, which means he cannot attack you while your on the ledge, and nor are you drawn in. This meant I could have Donzel rain down nukes from above, and all I have to be careful of is the Regen! I get Donzel to cast Dia2 first to counter the regen, and start my nuke spamming, putting up triple Ice Maneuvers to keep M.Acc and MAB as high as possible.It being Ice Day probably helped too! (Blizzard IV spamming automaton, what’s NOT to like??)

Once diabolos is worn down to below 50%, the automaton’s AI prevents it from casting Dia2, so I had a much greater battle countering his regen. On the first attempt I got him down to mid 20s%, but ended up timing out.  My next run, I let it regen to 50% before catching it with a Dia2, and continuing with my barrage of nukes. Got it down to about 12% and it started regening! Quick renuke got it down to 15%, and a DeactivateActivateDeploy nuke got it down to 8~12% again. It became a real struggle, but I managed to get it down to 1%! A quick Water III from the ‘maton finally brought low Diabolos

Diabolos Defeated

Diabolos Defeated

What an achievement for me, it was quite a challenge too, so I REALLY enjoyed myself.

So congratulations to Loncar, he is now able to Summon Diabolos on his Summoner, meanwhile I took something else

Nice earring for PUP and BLM

Nice earring for PUP and BLM

Can’t wait to redo him, let me know if your after his drops, or you need him for your Summoner :mrgreen:


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