Big update time huh?

Well, I guess I should post something, I’ve have Reece (Valks) and Blasta telling me to post moar πŸ˜•

So much has happened in game, between Einherjar, Sea, Sky, Dynamis Limbus and other assorted events.

I’ve still got PUP75 BLM75 RNG75, and im planning on either DRK NIN or COR next. I even have 4/5 of lolDoRK relic stored away incase I go that route!

I’ve finally got 5/5 PUP relic pieces, having obtained my Pantin Taj from Dynamis-Xarcabard! Screenshots are bound to follow, suprisngly I didn’t take one of me in full PUP relic, however I /do/ have this one.

It took so long. But I'll be damned if I don't look sharp in that relic gear.

BLM 5/5 at last! The feet from jeuno, while a rather lolpiece, I’ve been after a long time, just to have all 5 pieces. Unlucky xxmchenryxx, maybe you’ll get yours next!

Plenty of happening been going on in nephilim, as an LS we’ve grown a lot since I asked to step up and lead dynamis. Sure 1/3 of the time I cant stand it, and about 1/2 of the time its ‘ok’, but that last 1/6 of the time, I can be really proud of what we’ve acomplished as an LS

Small selection of our LS Tarutarus

In sky, we’ve got down to zerging kirin as and when we can, rather then the old and slow kiting method, so that’s really sped things up in sky, so great! Limbus is plodding along, I managed to upgrade a few items.

RNG AF+1 hands

PUP AF +1 Feet

BLM AF+1 Hat

These being pretty much /the/ best DD feet for PUP, accuracy and STR, delicious!

And my epic BLM +1 hat, it’s so sweet, extra INT and MP, MP recovered while healing is a nice bonus also. Got to love white boxes!

Einherjar we’ve downed Odin several times now, but of course the only time an item I wanted /did/ drop I wasn’t there. Congo-rats you {Bastard Sword} Nedman πŸ˜›

Sea is going well enough, I’ve managed to get my faith torque for PUP, hope torque I’m still waiting on however.

Dynamis has gone on a rollercoaster ride. Low attendance has really screwed with the Dreamlands, but on the positive side we gave Dynamis – Tavnazia a go 😈

A view from the top of Tavnazia.

We beat down the Nightmare Bugard, Worm and Antlion fairly easily to be honest, with a less then perfect setup (in terms of who showed up, a few people I was not impressed with on this run.). We managed to get a few pulls in, got a time extension, but some fail pulls put a stop to the run in the end. We got BRD PUP and DRK relic bodys if I remember correctly, so I can honestly say my DRK relic body is a tavnazia piece. Epic!

Most recently in tavnazia, we’ve had a run in with the Xarcabard boss. Can you guess who he is?

It's the Badass Dynamis Lord baby~!

We had him down in about, 50 seconds, it was epic. We even had non Dynamis members such as Luxv, and Belgaer come in for this zone, it was great! A real linkshell achievement for all. Unfortunatly for our lucky first choice PLDs (Henry, Siphon, Blanaid), we didn’t get a shadow item drop, but the money lover wolfheart got to get his paws on some 100 piece! So he couldn’t complain

It wasΒ  agreat night for all, I’ve gone and put both images I took up from outside the castle in dynamis, it was something I’ve been wanting to do with the LS for some time. I cant wait to take on DL again!

Though I have to admit, not everyone in the LS enjoyed the final Dynamis cutscenes (Original zones.), even if I did. I do love Final Fantasy story lines, and the missions have kept me playing for quite awhile (See ToAU w/ Xelestria, The final mission was freaking awesome!).

Speaking of missions, I’ve yet to finish this lot, and it’s got me quite intregued


I wont give away any spoilers, but man I’m really enjoying the missions for shantotto so far, while it has some ‘fetch’ quests, you can skip it via the AH, which was a pretty neat addition. Synthesis was cool also, that element of ‘I could break the synthesis’ really made the start of the add on enjoyable. The 3~6 fights you do against the avatars was also a nice touch! I can’t wait to do more fights, the gustav tunnel one was rather enjoyable!

Oshi~ that's a lot of ninjas.

Was a really interesting fight, luckily Bune couldn’t agro us while we were in the ‘battlefield’. (Also hey look, it’s my PANTIN TAJ!!!).

But not everything I’ve been doing has been in-game. For example in the summer I went down with a bunch of friends on a road trip to Torquay. That was a pretty good time, but we were all pretty miserable by the end, with goodbyes.

In the back: Myself (Martin), front row (L-->R): Lewis, Stacey

We’ve all gone our seperate ways. Lewis is in torquay, stacey in wales at uni, and myself, Im still in gloucestershire. It’s been INCREDIBLY hard for me without my friends support. I’ve needed them for quite awhile, and to suddenly lose that support was a shock to be perfectly honest. I still don’t know how I survived this long.

But not all the holiday was upset and goodbyes, we had plenty of fun times together too πŸ˜€

Yes. They had Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero in the freaking arcade!!!! Bloody epic, I got loads of high scores πŸ˜› Was so much fun! But by god was that controller heavy.

In more recent news, Im no longer single, but I’ve got no pictures of myself and my girl yet, so stay tuned, I may bother to make another post by easter πŸ˜› She’s a lovely girl though, I couldn’t ask for better πŸ™‚

2 Responses to “Big update time huh?”
  1. Minda says:

    So glad you were finally arsed to make an update, and it was great to see your pics from your RL time with your friends.

  2. MM says:

    At least it’s a fairly big update!

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