NIN, Stuff, more stuff

More posting! I’ve been getting back in the swing of things since christmas, week of events done, nearly 2 now, and while I hardly logged on at all over the christmas period, I’ve done a fair amount!

In game wise, we have had some nice suprises in drops so,congrats to Nerji on obtaining and HQing his Wyrmal Abjuration:Legs!  And Famfryt on Valkyrie’s Fork, myself on Hadean Abjuration: Legs, Wolfheart on Neptunal Abjuration: Legs, Luxv on his Earthen Abjuration: Body, and many more drops that I really dont have the memory to name 😛

Numbers were dropping in dynamis, so I’m glad to say we’ve got a few new recruits, and best of all a old recruit, welcome back Dooom to the phoenix server, glad to have you back.  I want another 4/5 people with dreamland access yet, we have 37 members that I counted with access, with an average turnout of 25~. Not good, I still want some dreamland gear =/

Been leveling a fair amount recently, my latest job being my Ninja. My plan for leveling has always been 1 pet job, 1 nuke job, 1 ranged DD job, 1 support, 1 tank, 1 melee DD job. PUP covers pet job, BLM nuking, RNG for ranged, so that leaves support tank and melee DD to do! 

Support jobs, leaving out any form of potential healing jobs, leaves me with COR and BRD. Now while BRD would give me amazing invites, I dont fancy BRDing at events, so COR it is! But for now, the cost of bullets is putting me off for now. Melee DD? Love the idea of DRK, DRG looks awesome, but SAM and WAR don’t do it for me. I know there are other melee DD, but I really want a 2 hand weapon job, so it comes down to DRK vs DRG, and DRK is winning out so far… But my tanking job? NIN vs PLD, NIN just had to win, it’s freaking ninja!

I’m looking forward to tanking at endgame, having to level /drk for that will be a big help I think, 2 birds one stone and all that. I’ve found this little guide on NIN/DRK tanking , plus I’ll have Dooom and Dayloz to give me pointers and tips. Though I won’t be following all the ideas on that guide. Hades sainti for +7 enmity? All I’ve ever seen is Earth Staff/Terra’s Staff for -PDT.

I’ve already got my eye on tanking in sky, as well as tanking ultima/omega in limbus, and who knows what I’ll get a chance to tank in sea. I doubt I’ll be allowed to tank Odin in einherjar, but you never know right?

In real life? Christmas was good, got plenty of stuff I was after such as a 500 Gb external harddrive, of a portable size. Got myself Assassin’s Creed 2 for my PS3, Star Trek and Transformers 2: ROTF on DVD, other small bits and pieces to go with it.

 I went to go see Avatar in the cinema last weekend instead of doing Sky (lol), took my girlfriend to go see it in 3d, which cost a fair bit extra 😮 but I think it was well worth it. I still have the 3d glasses I bought, since we got decent quality pairs, rather then the card versions.

All in all, well worth the seeing, though I wont give any spoilers away.

I’ll leave you off with my latest bit of photoshopping, my latest forum sig, including my new job! I’ve got to get to my next class, gotta love computing!

One Response to “NIN, Stuff, more stuff”
  1. Xx ~ says:

    If you can nin/drk well you can tank odin for sure 😉

    also, lolmm.

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