PUPdate, NM hunting, other fun facts

Well, I don’t update often, who’d have thunk it? šŸ˜›


I’ve been doing a fair few differant things recently. Most recently is this NM, Boompadu, which pops every 120~150 minutes in game.

I’ve mostly been fighting this at nights, but today was a good day for it (in a way). First time I got the NM, I had it down to 1% and it killed me, and then died due to Bio2/Poison2 while unclaimed, so I was pretty annoyed by that lol. Second time around me and Loncar the RMT army (Read: Lonc, and his 2 mules Flarne and Claymoore) took another crack at it, tried to speed things up by alternating hate with T3/T4 water nukes (It resists all nukes, however QuickDraw, Automaton nukes, and Helix spells are unaffected by this, go figure!)

Got it down and I finally got the item drop, and it’s pretty sweet weaponskill piece for my Puppetmaster!

Well impressed with that drop, especially as there are some horror reports at the number of kills people have taken.

Plenty of other NMs for me to camp, but none of them are timed, so annoying to camp =/

You may have heard that PUP was supposed to be raised to an A+ H2H skill, instead SquareEnix in their eternal wisdom made it a B+. Now while this might not seem a huge differance to some, it’s quite a drop to what I expected. Even so, I’ve been rather happy with the change.

Salvage, Salvage and Salvage!

So I’ve stopped doing Limbus and Einherjar now, and I now do 3~4 runs of salvage a week, and it’s nice to have a change of pace! I havn’t got any level 25 or 35 pieces drop yet, but about 4 level 15 pieces. I’m really hoping to get the Skadi legs and/or feet, as well as the Usukane feet.

Fey Weapons for all!

I’ve had no luck on augments on my Oberon’s Sainti either, got a DMG+0 H2H+7, but I need at least DMG+2~3 to make it worthwhile

It's a Dargon!

And the new Dragon’s in Beau[S] and Xarc[S] are pretty cool looking!
That’s all for now, I’ll probably update about some personal stuff some time soon

5 Responses to “PUPdate, NM hunting, other fun facts”
  1. Flarne says:

    That’s my dearly beloved character in retirement, not some cat filled with stuff to be degraded in a randomly googled blog-post ;(

  2. MM says:

    D: Sorry mrFlarne Lonc’sArmyman sir!

  3. Claymoore says:

    Hey mine too and im Flarnes brother šŸ™‚

  4. MM says:

    As above but replace Flarne with Clay šŸ˜›

  5. phel says:

    I don’t know, I think Flarne and Clay are total mules. Absolutely total mules. Not Lonc though, nope.

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