It’s amazing how one person you meet can maake you sit back and realise how wonderful things are.

She finds the strangest things about you fascinating, brings out the best parts of you; even parts of yourself you weren’t aware of. The way that she can think exactly the same as you, to the point where you say the same things as each other, at the same time. Your so similar and yet so different. And every difference only makes you closer as you experience new ideas, think about things in a new light.

It’s amazing how you can see her beauty even though she would vehemently deny it all. The way her eyes just look at you to say “Yay us”, the way her lips form that perfect smile, and seeing it you know your right where you want to be.

It’s in the way she puts her arms round yours, and holds on as if for dear life, that makes you realise just how much you mean to this one person, or the way she’ll do the cutest things, just to make you smile.

It’s in the feeling you get when you are with her, that mix of love and happiness. That moment of bliss you find, lying next to her in the grass.

It’s when after all the bad times, the problems, when the words “I love you” and a kiss are all it takes to make things better.

It’s knowing that, at the end of the day, you have that one person to think of, to dream of. It’s knowing that, your last thought before you sleep is her and, her last though is of you.

It’s her


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