To infinity (Or level 80) and beyond!

So much has been happening in game and out of game. I won’t bother talking about the stuff that’s making me feel crappy today though, I need to think positive. So I’m going to talk about all the good things in life, real life or otherwise!

So here we are, another big update post from me. As you can see the blogs changed a bit, new theme, new banner. I have no idea how many people are still reading, but I’m nearing 100 posts, so I’m going to keep going 😛

Let’s do a real life update before I do a game update!

The most important thing thats happened to me recently? Is the time I’ve spent with my girlfriend. Recently we had a “Staycation”. Basically it was a holiday still at home, at to be honest with you, it was a blast. We went food shopping: Actually almost enjoyable when your planning what to cook. I’ve cooked, I even had to wash up by hand – shame I could never match my girls high standards in cleaning 😛 We rented a couple of PS3 games, got out the gamecube for games of Sonic Adventure 1, 2, Billy Hatcher, Mario Kart Double Dash, played SonicAllstar racing on the PS3. And we saw toy story 3 in the cinema. We had orignally planned to go to see that just the two of us, but my friend invited us to go with my circle of friends, so my girl finally met my friends, minus craig. It was a good film, I enjoyed myself, had a chuckle at the little in-jokes the film has. 3 squeezy alien guys are still my favourite character!

Cooking was fun, I did a roast chicken with veg and stuffing on monday, tuesday she made up chicken fricassee with the left over chicken and stuffing – Fucking delicious, I recommend it, with pasta. Wednesday we had a curry, and thursday we had some pasta meals. Friday she cooked up some hot dogs.

Another thing I managed to get to do, was go see a musical. Wicked is a bloody brilliant musical, and I highly recomment anyone going to see it, the singing was good, the theatrical side was good, but the special effects really got me. I’m a techno nerd at heart, and seeing an animated dragon work, that was brilliant, and the Wizard’s head, simply amazing what they can do! All the lights, the smoke machines. Simply amazing. Must be an excellently fascinating line of work. And Rachel tucker did a very good job as Elphaba! Though my girl would say the original would be much better

I think that’s caught up on my real life stuff, so lets move onto FFXI updates!

Level 80 PUP!

So, with the big June update, we’ve had loads of new things introduced in game, the biggest of which has been the level cap increase. For the first time in years, we’ve had brand new level cap, with a new limit break quest. For once, it was fairly simple, but of course still annoying. I needed 3 merits and some Kindred’s Seals. I had the seals, but the merits? i’d spent loads the week before! Had me mightily pissed. So me, Dooom, and a few others went and hit up Trolls, got our merits, and starting exping. I took PUP to 80 first, or so I thought, mostly through exp camps in old areas, which was quite nice to my Conquest Points. New camps provided by SE in places like misreaux  coast were excellent, spent a lot of time with my Spanglish friend Azaron there!  I had PUP basically at 80, about a level away when the Abyssea craze spread!

It’s pretty amazing, you basically pick a mob type, mandragoras, or bats work especially well, and kill them as an alliance. Different actions build different colours, such as killing with magic. This basically means, in the alliance you NEED BLMs. it’s been so nice, actually having my original class wanted in abyssea! Getting 50k+ exp an hour, it can get amazing. This of course led to henry taking my BLM several times, meaning my BLM was my first level 80! Kind of fitting as it was my first 75, but PUP followed up soon behind him, I had to do campaign 😦

Did some NM camping, aboves a pic of Mk.IV doing 1.9k hate free StoneV to Simurgh, very tasty!

Have some random pics from Tav, Salvage, and walk of echoes, Im too =/ to keep posting


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