So, I’ve begun to learn to drive. I’ve always been scared of learning to drive, for a number of reasons, and so I’ve been putting it off for nearly 3 years now.

The instructor I had is a pretty nice guy, we went over the basics of a car, the controls, that sort of thing, and then we moved onto pulling out, moving on, and pulling back in.

I think I only stalled once in this section, near the start, so not too bad at all really. We did one length down the road, pulled in. Unfortunatly I have a tendancy to veer out to the middle of the road a bit too far, whereas I was instructed to be no more then a drains width away. Ah well! I did improve in this later in the lesson. I find I can be heavy handed with the wheel, turning it a quater turn rather then a “5 minute” turn, and Im turning for too long also.

After two of these pull offs and pull ins, we came to a round about (Of Doom)

It was actually fairly simple.

After this, we went down the other side of the road, to another round about, round again, back up, round the 1st round about, etc etc in a loop, progressing through the gears into 3rd, which wasn’t too bad. However being asked to change from 1st to 2nd on a roundabout I was all “WUT PANIC WUT WUT”. Nevermind!

All in all, I have my limbs. So did my instructor! Stalled about 3~4 times in total, however I wasn’t counting so yeah 😛 It can only get better I suppose!


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