Holidays, Gaming, and Rant

Three part update today, going to update on  my recent holiday, FFXI, and im going to finish off with a rant.

So, let’s start with my holiday!

I went off camping with a bunch of friends of mine, most of them from Uni, and it was a blast. Stayed over a mates and watched friends on sunday evening, got up monday morning ready to go! Our friend picked us up in his Jag (Freaking sweet car). Got to the campsite about 1pm, maybe later to find my 4th friend sat around making sure everything stayed put basically. My 3 other friends had the one big tent between them, and I had to put my own up yet, however, I had a SECRET WEAPON

My tent takes 2 seconds to put up, and then I only have to peg it down 😛 Easily, the quickest tent ever to put up. It’s only big enough for me and one other, however I had it all to myself so I was good to go. The rest of the day, we went for a walk down the canal, had icecreams, went back for a BBQ, and started on card games and alcohol! Best card game ever, Ninja vs Monky vs Pirates vs Robots vs Monsters (Its just called Pirates Vs Ninjas I think?) . Anyway, very many drinks later, it’s about 2am, and someone shouted across the campsite SHUTUP. Apparently we had been making too much noise! WHOOPS! Next morning a “neighbour” was very snooty, not surprising really, but luckily she went off. Had the guy in charge come and give us an ultimatum as well, one more night like that and we were going to be off-site, even if it was 2am we would have to pack up and leave. Not good at all, luckily when 2 of my friends went for a walk, they found a deserted field 2 fields up that we could put a blanket in, take some drinks up, and just drink and talk away.

So the 2nd night, we decided to go to watch a Film, the last Airbender, but more on that later.

And then it was basically, up the last field, drinks, chatting, talking, singing etc etc all night long 😛 Third day, we had a lovely meal, got drunk in the final field again. Pretty much the whole holiday was just relaxing with friends, with drinks, food, reading, games, and it has to have been, one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, next year we’re going further afield though 😛

Almost forgot to mention! Kite flying, man that was fun, we pulled a kite out on the 3rd day for lulz, it was fairly entertaining until it began to rain lol. Will post what pics I have, I’ll have to get more later!

FFXI update time!

I’ve pretty much just got back into the game after all my holidays, not really done anything major I need to update, managed to pick up a Shaolin Belt for my PUP, which was cool, and I’ve been exping my COR, which is now level 47!

Now. Onto my RANT.

The Last Airbender! What a travesty when compared to the Anime. Now, this is a big step towards anime-freak-nerd for me, however, all the little things about the film aggravated me so much!

  • All Firebenders can create fire gdi.
  • The firebenders dont “bow” with a hand clasped to their heart, they bow making a flame like symbol with their hands!
  • The acting was over the top, by far, terrible
  • It lost all the humour that all the anime episodes had.
  • It was far too rushed, all of book 1 into about 2hours? No chance
  • The “element bending” was done terribly. The characters actions no way represented what happened with say, the water.
  • For a M. Night Shyamalan film, the dialogue was terrible

I’m sure there is more I wanted to rant about, but I just can’t think of it right now lol


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