NaNoWriMo Progress

Hey, just thought people would like to see my novel’s basic plan/outline, taken from something I was going to post on the NaNoWriMo forums


My novel is being written in the form of a collected works, a log book following my mc, with ‘extracts from scrolls and tomes’ written by my main character, as he is a priest for the god of knowledge, he has collected and recorded details and encounters throughout his life.

The first recording, will be from my mc’s journal, and it will describe how he went from self sure arrogant axedwarf to the humble priest of hamaskis that he is today. The tale will begin at the edge of the dwarven kingdom, on to the Frostblood mountain ranges, where my mc’s clan is attacked and ambushed repeatedly by a band of orcs. This leads to Kvistor declaring an oath of vengeance on the Orc bands leader, and he will begin tracking these orcs. When he forces the Orc leader to a duel, he is outmatched, and left for dead. A priest will find and nurse him back to health, and induct him in the ways of priesthood, giving him the duty of travelling the world, gathering information for the good of hamaskis, god of knowledge, to be honoured and protected for all time.

Other ‘recordings’ will be following a story line I’ve been playing in my RPG group, with a follow up story calls the Birth of Evil.

The first story from the RPG group will be about the attack on Port Blacksand by the Brass Golem, by the cultists of Sargon the Black, telling the tale of heroism that defeated this abomination of metals and magics.

The next story will tell of the fall of Sargon the black, starting at the tower of nichodemas, where they heroes are told to search the fortress of Sargon. Upon entering the fortress, they are assaulted by a manticore, and upon defeating the beast, search the castle to find a goblin, who will assist the heroes in creating a militia of good, to face Sargons army. Gathering allies on the run back to Cad, they form a defensive line, with the heroes leading the main force of the battle.

Then a extract from a ‘legend’ of old, where a band of heroes faced Death and his servants, and with the assistance of the gods of good, once more banish Death to the void

The birth of evil story, is where Kvistor finds the utopian society once more under attack from evil- Which had been banished from the face of Titan when my band of heros banished Death itself eons ago thanks to a bit of timey wimey action in a previous story.

Finding evils return, kvistor leads a band of youths to find the ‘forgotten heroes’, not revealing his own part in the affairs forgotten as legend in the utopian society. This leads to the youths learning the various arts of combat and magic, and eventually leading an army in the final battle, while my old heroes do a ‘last quest’, leaving the future in the hands of the new heroes while the old confront the manifestation of evilness. Will this lead to the end of Kvistor and his allies? Only time will tell!


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