FFXIV, Here I come!

So, I’m going to be joining FFXIV

I’m going to buy the Collector’s Edition on friday, and I’m going to roll a Lalafell.

So I’m stuck on creating a name for my character in FFXIV. I’ve decided to keep the “Magin” but drop the Martin, but I still want to be “MM”. So due to my lack of creativity, I’m looking at Latin words beginning with M 😛 Few things I’ve come up with, but what sounds the “best”?

Magin Memoria (Memoria is Recollected in Latin, so Magin Recollected)
Magin Messor (Messor is Reaper in latin, so Magin the Reaper :P)
Magin Magis (Magis is “to a greater extent” so Magin to a greater extent)

I think it’s cool having my name “mean something” even if it’s just in my head ;P

I’m thinking of playing all the Disciples of War up to about rank 10 for some skills, I don’t know if I’ll touch the Disciples of Magic, but I might try fishing, Mining, or Botany. Nice little income thing.

I’m going on the Kashuan Server, and I’m looking forward to seeing how far FFXIV has come since I last played during the alpha testing.

See you all, or at least some of you, in game!


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