A Night in Limsa…

So tonight I played FFXIV for a number of hours. It was pretty awesome tbh, I’m really enjoying the levequests. I could do with more mobs to kill when I’m out Leves, but thats just me!

I made my character to look as close to my FFXI character as possible. It looks like he’s grown up, got taller, knees, a deep voice, and a goatee that makes him look like a pretentious twat! I named my character Magin Memoria, which in latin translates to Magin Recollected. It keeps me as MM, and Magin. Im just dropping the Martin 😛

Maginmartin arrives in Eorzea, becoming Magin Memoria

Lewis (Smidget Midget) played along side me for a lot of the time, we did some leves, and some of the main story line for our city, Limsa Lomsa. Hikitsune (as he was named in FFXI, now named Brian Firclaw!) gave us both a linkpearl to their linkshell, so now I have part of my social aspect of FFXIV covered 😛

Personally, I think the game is beautiful (Graphically).

I’m really looking forward to see how this game turns out! I’ve taken Lancer to rank 7, and I have a physical rank of 8. Not bad really! I’m loving lancer’s abilities

2 Responses to “A Night in Limsa…”
  1. Fallso says:


  2. MM says:

    Pffft. Your just jealous of my pretentious goatee! And my shirts.

    So, are you joining XIV?

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