Hey. This whole update thing. I’m still not used to it.

So, Life. Been doing a lot of stuff recently, most notably playing games, going to work. Well. “Notably”.

Work’s been well, if you hadn’t been told, I’m a member of a Tech Team in my local area. I never realised that Tesco had it’s own Tech Team, but with the extention of my local store into a Tesco Extra, we got our own Electrical Department, and our own Tech Team, which I am now part of.

It’s been a fairly fun job, mostly a Sales permission, but I sometimes get some actual Tech work involved. Recently gone for the teamleader position, which could go well for me.

Gaming wise, I’m doing much of the same, FFXI, played a lot of Dragon age recently, and I can’t wait for Dragon Age 2 to come out.

I was going to post loads of stuff.. but I guess I don’t have a lot to post. Meh!


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