Let me show you… My Pokemons.

Ok, it’s nerdy, and many people would probably ridicule me for this. But I recently bought Pokemon White.

So a message to the ones who would ridicule:

Fuck you, the original games are what I grew up with, in fact I still have the original Pokemon Red cartridge! Right here on my desk! Where I once caught all 150 pokemon! That sort of ‘connection’ to your past, is but one reason I bought Pokemon White. At it’s core gameplay, it’s an RPG – you fight things, you level up, you grow stronger, minimising and maximising your team into being the best god damn team of pocket monsters ever. That’s your basic RPG gameplay right there.

Ok, the story is weak, but that core gameplay is what makes the games good – the story just gives the games a little focus.  Another part of the game that really appeals, particularly to me as I’m an huge collector and player of trading card games, is the “challenge” of collecting all 150+ new pokemon. I did it once on Pokemon Red, and it was awesome! I’d love to be able to re do that achievement these days.

At the end of the day – this is my life, and if this game is what helps me get through long days, then so be it, I’m happier for it, and if you are going to get on your high horse and lecture me on what I should or should not enjoy, I have 2 words (and a raspberry for you)….. <Raspberry> JOG ON!

Ok, on to the main point of my post!

So yeah, bought this game 6 days ago, and in the past 6 days I have devoted 38 hours, 28 minutes of my time to the game. That’s a fair bit of time.

So let’s start from the start, when I started this game, I had the choice of 3 starting pokemon, can you guess what I picked?

The choice came to be very easily actually. I took one look at the final evolutions, and the description of Serperior (The final grass type) made the choice for me

Serperior holds its head high pretentiously while fighting. It doesn’t take most opponents seriously, unless said opponent is particularly powerful.

It’s an arrogant bastard, it’s perfect for me!!

So I have my starter, and i’ve since played through the game collecting various pokemon, battling gym leaders, and leveling up my pokemon! Right now I’ve got all 8 badges and I’m outside the Pokemon League.

So what pokemon have I ended up with you might say? I’ll soon tell you says I!

Cofagrigus! A Pokemon I picked solely on how it looks. It was pretty weak for quite some time, it’s Ghost type moves were not particularly powerful until it learned Shadow Ball, so I had picked it up in it’s pre-evolved form purely for how it would look at this stage. Can’t say it’s my best, but it’s not too bad either, as a Ghost Pokemon it’s immune from Fighting and Normal types.


I picked this purely because it’s a Dragon. I had no idea what moves it might get, and I replaced a powerful Fighting type pokemon I had with me at the time for this, but I can’t complain. This is the 2nd Druddigon I have, the first had a weaker nature, but this one had increased attack, and it’s Dragon Claw is pretty powerful thanks to it.

And here we have Klang!

I picked him for mostly his looks, and after a joke with my good friend lewis, have renamed him Metal Gear, for the MGS reference! He’s a pure Steel type, halfway down his evolutionary line, and he learns a number of Steel and Electric based attacks. Again, not my strongest, but his Steel moves can be pretty nice.


Eh, I must confess I never wanted Simipour, it looks stupid, but it’s a water type, I needed one, and it’s not bad. Got a strong Surf attack now.

Ah Darmanitan!

Possibly my favourite in my current team, he’s got powerful stats, powerful moves, and he’s got a lot of HP! A Fire type, and for once I was able to obtain a fire type relatively early in the game too!

And finally, my starter pokemon, Serperior!

A nice grass type, not particularly powerful, but fast.


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