Rant of a Puppetmaster

So, in the recent update for FFXI, there was a number of changes to my main class, Puppetmaster. Some good, some bad. Let’s take a look at what was updated.

  • Puppetmaster
    • The following automaton attachments will be added:
      Name Description
      Heat Capacitor A fire-based automaton attachment.
      Functionality: Erases all Fire Maneuver effects to restore TP.
      Power Cooler An ice-based automaton attachment.
      Functionality: Reduces MP cost in proportion to the number of Ice Maneuvers in effect.
      Barrage Turbine A wind-based automaton attachment.
      Functionality: Erases all Wind Maneuver effects to occasionally grant a Barrage effect.
      Galvanizer A lightning-based automaton attachment.
      Functionality: Increases chance of countering in proportion to the number of Thunder Maneuvers in effect.
    • The following weapon skills will be added for the Valoredge and Sharpshot frames:
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      Skill Name Frame Effect
      String Shredder Valoredge Delivers a twofold attack.
      Critical hit rate varies with TP.
      Armor Shatterer Sharpshot Delivers a fourfold attack.
      Additional effect: Weakens defense
      Additional effect duration varies with TP.
  • The potency of the “Automaton: Regain” effect granted by the hand-to-hand weapon “Burattinaios” has been adjusted.

Ok, the first part of the update? Pretty cool. New attachments are always welcome to help diversify the job, new attachments mean I can then (hopefully) enhance my job situationally. A regain attachment that the community in general sees as weak, I see as pretty damn useful. Barrage effect for automatons – fucking awesome, more power to the automaton. Lower MP cost attachment, pretty useful on the WHM frame. And the Counter attachment makes a nice new defensive piece for a element that previously had no defensive options.

New weapon skills – fantastic, a critical hit WS for a frame that previously had no high damage WSs. A new ranger WS which, while at first was weak, has been buffed into a powerhouse of a WS, and it’s on a decent maneuver – Wind.

And finally… the Automaton:Regain nerf. Ok, at first, I was fuming. My weapon, arguably PUPs best weapon, had been totally nerfed, from a 10 regain/tic effect, to a measly 1/tic. It made this shining beacon of awesome, into a kiddies toy found in a happy meal. This has been the sole focus of my PUP related anguish recently. While the new weapon skills are awesome, and indeed with the original effect of these weapons, they would have been truly overpowered… why such a heavy handed whack with a nerf bat? Why not a 5/tic regain. Or hell, even 3. We could have retained some of our power, with these higher powered weapon skills.

But no, I have no option but to seek a new weapon. One I swore to never seek… or… there is another way.

The yearly mog bonanza gives players the chance to win items of their dreams. Yes, my chances of winning are similar to winning the lottery… but what if I, struck gold?

I could finally obtain, an almighty weapon, worthy of my Puppetmaster, a weapon rare and powerful. I could finally obtain… the Kenkonken.

This weapon takes a lot of work in game to complete. Thousands upon thousands of Alexandrite, full completion of all Assaults (twice), defeating the ToAU King NMs, and numerous other accolades, all a pain in the ass to complete.

But what is the reward? This weapon boasts an extremely high damage rating, an extra 6 over my previous weapon. The delay is a nice low +49, and the Enhance Martial Arts IV decreases my attack delay even further. While suppressing overload doesn’t sound so great, with my current gear, it would make overloading virtually impossible. And of course, we can’t forget the Aftermath effect. When I Weapon Skill with over 100% TP, it would increase the accuracy of myself and my automaton. With over 200%, increases the attack, and over 300%, it would increase the Double Attack rate to an extreme level. It’s certainly a powerful piece, but the chances of me obtaining it are low… so my other option is…

This amazing Empyrean weapon, has a damage rating to match the Kenkonken, and comparable delay. The high strength bonus is amazing on a race/class combo that gets little base STR, and this new Victory Smite Weapon Skill, is a powerhouse to match the strongest of Weapon Skills. The Aftermath bonus is much more straight forward, it’s just straight double damage. It’s powerful, but a pain in the ass to get. After about 20 NMs, and 16 VNMs, I have to defeat Chloris and collect Buds from him, 50 of them infact. I’d have to fight a minimum of 50 chloris’s. And it doesn’t  stop there, for I would have to then do another NM, collecting another 50 items. And then another NM, and 75 of his items!

But these items are the top weapons for my class… and I will be the best Puppetmaster I can be. Since this update, nerfing my weapon… this is my one goal in FFXI – Upgrade my puppetmaster to be the very best it can, no other class matters as much to me as my underdog PUP.

Pummel vs Smite... the battle for our souls begin

One Response to “Rant of a Puppetmaster”
  1. Amarok says:

    Hi MM, found a few errors above, 3rd tier of Mythic weapon is 300% (not over 300% as you know thats impossible), also you said minimum of 50 chloris for Empyrean, and you mean maximum of 50, minimum is 25, and from my experience if you have a thf there you are likely to need about 37.

    I’d like to read your take on the 4 new attachments that just came out. I have been farming up Zeni for Ob pops, and am now waiting for the Ob price to drop a bit since he’s being spammed atm.

    Verethragna (90) is very nice indeed, and Chloris really is the only cock-block, if you can get LS help through that, then a mnk/war + whm can duo the rest of the tiers (even dual box like I did 🙂 )

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what attachments you use for each frame combination, I am lvling PUP atm as you know and I’m building up my knowledge on it.

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