Revisiting an old hobby~

Well, I’m long due an update me-thinks…

So it’s the summer again, time for summer romances, good times with friends, nights out on the town…

Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft yeah right, that’s not what this blog is about! And you can certainly scratch out the first point.

But yes, the topic of todays post, is Hobbys. I’ve had many a hobby over the years, from collecting Pokemon cards as a small boy in junior school (and those battling spinning tops) and in turn collecting Magic:The Gathering cards for awhile in secondary school (A hobby I’ve since taken back up in Sixth Form, and still own my current collection of awesome cards and decks.). Briefly last year I entertained writing a novel for my own benefit, but my ability to procrastinate defeated that notion. I’ve taken up playing RPG games with friends (Table top RPGs, think Dungeons and Dragons).

Now all of these hobbys are varying degrees of Nerdy, to which I very much approve of. Hell, the more nerdy the better. But one of my favourite hobbys, is several degrees of Nerd.

Warhammer 40’000 is a table top wargamer, with mutliple facets to the hobby. It’s a 3-sided hobby you could say.

  1. Modelling
  2. Painting
  3. Wargaming

First off Modelling, this first aspect of the hobby is creating an interesting/awesome/badass looking model, either from scratch, by editing a pre-existing model, or a mash-up of items from a “Bitz Box” (Collection of spare model parts etc). This can be as simple as replacing one head with another, changing a models stance, or as extensive as something like this:

Using Modelling Putty, and a strong Pinning method, this model has been depicted as if in flight, torching helpless blokes cowering behind a rock! It’s an amazing piece, and certainly not something I could hope to do (yet).

It’s all pretty impressive stuff  considering this is how the models come packed:

This is called a Sprue, and this is how all boxed Warhammer models come, whether they are your simple foot soldier, or your Tank. Using these parts, you are free to make your model however you want to look (Unless you play the Wargame involved, more info on that later). This can be one of the most creative sides of the hobby, where you put your ingenuity and creativity into practise. Whether that’s using your random pieces and bits to augment and enhance your model, creating a brand new model out of random scraps you have, or using Green Stuff to mold and create new parts to your model.

So secondly… painting! The most artistic stage of the hobby. Where you’ve taken your model, whether you’ve adapted/changed anything, or just done it “as is”… you’ll take something like this

And turn it into something like that (Model on the left, 2nd photo)

Painting is something I (falsly) believed I was pretty good at, so it’ll be interesting how my painting turns out when I get down to it… will steadier hands, an older mindset, and hopefully, a bit of guidance from more experienced folk in the hobby, I’ll make at least 1 model I can be proud of.

And finally, there’s the Wargaming aspect of it. The part where you and a number of other people take dice, a tape measure, your models, and (hopefully) a bit of luck, and play the game this is all about. In laymans terms, the game is a Wargame. The models represent the characters/units/tanks/weapons, and players take it in turn to declare movement, shooting, charges and assaults. Results of fire fights, and assaults are based upon dice rolling. Much of the game revolves around fulfilling specific objectives, like controlling certain parts of the battle field.

This is possibly my favorite part of the hobby, where stratagy, forward planning, and some luck of the dice can turn around a game to victory or defeat. Hopefully once I have a few thousand points worth of Eldar, I can do a few Battle Reports, let you know how things go in the games I’ll play.

So that’s the 3 aspects of my hobby, the hobby I’ll be getting back into next week. I’ve bought 3 boxes of this stuff… this is what I got:

These are Eldar Rangers, a Sniper Team, use camouflage and their long rifles to take out highly armored targets with ease, and pinning weaker targets in their spots.

Dire Avengers are a troop choice, lots of fire power.

Farseers are a HQ choice, the leaders of my grand army of Eldar (The race I have picked to model/paint/play). These are Psykers, beings of immense power that can change the course of a battle (I hope).

I’m hoping these models will be a challenge to come up with some unique ideas and modifications to make on my models, and I’m hopeful that some of the proper artist’s skill will rub off on me.


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