In the future, there is only War(hammer 40’000)

Got some new models to paint soon… when I can afford the Reds/Yellows/A brighter green



And I ‘ve touched up the whites on my Grav Tanks… now to clean up my edges with some more green 😛 Future memo: Dont do any greens till all the whites are done…


Played 3 games so far with my Eldar army…

First was against a Terminator Space Marine army… and I lost by a single model in a “capture the opponents building” mission. He used a Demo charge on his building, meaning I could only hope for a draw, and while I managed to kill off all his other models, his special character HQ choice slaughtered his way through all my other models.

Second was against Tyranids, and while I was attempting to Scout my War Walkers around to flank them… they didn’t turn up till it was FAR too late. Memo to self: Scout ruling isnt so aweosme all the time.

Third was against some Nurgle Space Marines… Demons on wings hurt.

3 losses… hopefully I’ll play better soon.


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